Instrumental MP3 Downloads: What’s New?


This time around, we lean a little more toward music crafted on eclectic, jazzy stuff.

Arlen Roth is an accomplished guitarist, writer and teacher. In addition to touring with the likes of Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, Brian Setzer, James Taylor and Duane Eddy…he produced the Hot Licks guitar instruction series, and (a bit of trivia here) wrote and played all of Ralph Macchio’s guitar parts in the 1986 feature film Crossroads. We’re pleased to be able to present two superb electric guitar instrumentals from Arlen’s new album All Tricked Out!: In The Heart Of This Town and She Said, She Said
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Colin McGrath is a NYC-based singer/songwriter…so his songs usually include lyrics…but we’re pleased to present an instrumental piece here called South 2nd St. Serenade, from his album Yellow Brick Man. It’s been described as “ambient and emotional with a classical sense of order and melody and a Wilco-esque, post-modern sense of adventurous textures, treatments, and sounds”. Gotta hear that, right?
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The Wee Trio is also based in New York City, featuring vibes, bass and drums. Check out their cool rendition of 1984, from their album Ashes To Ashes – A David Bowie Intraspective.
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The Frank Herzberg Trio hails from Sao Paulo, Brazil…and features bass, drums and piano. Dive deep into Too Much, Charlie…from their album Handmade.
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And, finally, electronic artist Rob Astor hails from Michigan. He’s extremely prolific…averaging 2-3 albums a year for the past several years. From his album Beyond Marstropolis, give a listen to Get Vertical!
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